Certified Organic Chicory Chai Latte Blend

Certified Organic Chicory Chai Latte Blend

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Find a moment of solace to enjoy this soothing blend of subtly sweet spices to maintain good health and peace of mind.  

Available in two handy sizes: 50g travel or gift | 100g take home

Organic Chicory Chai Latte Powder Ingredients

Roasted chicory root powder 25% (contains inulin - natural prebiotic fibre), coconut milk, Ceylon cinnamon, Siberian ginseng, cardamom, ginger, green stevia leaf, star anise,  clove, black pepper. 

Why choose the Zandi Chicory Chai latte blend?

This blend comforts the gut and stimulates the mind for an overall boost to your wellbeing. 
Chicory is a sweet tasting caffeine free alternative to tea or coffee, containing the prebiotic fibre inulin. Prebiotic fibres are helpful in strengthening the probiotics in our guts, meaning this ingredient will help balance your gut flora for a comforting feeling in this area. 
Siberian ginseng has been included for it's mind stimulating ability for memory, focus and brain function. 

Ways to enjoy?

Stir 1 small level teaspoon into steamed milk of your choice or enjoy as a tea by simply adding 1 teaspoon to boiling water and top with milk of choice. 
However some of our customers have enjoyed;
  • mixing it into their morning protein shake
  • added to a banana smoothie
  • mixing the blend into their black or rooibos tea
  • sneaking a teaspoon into their hot chocolate

Tell me about the chai latte taste.

This blend is made with gorgeous fragrant spices, so expect a mouthful of aroma and flavour. 

It is a gorgeous grounded flavour with notes of delicate spices balanced with the creamy sweetness of the coconut milk and the sweet almost nutty flavour layers of the chicory root. 

This is a complex flavour palette, one that is best interpreted by the tastebuds and memories that know best, yours. 

Delight in the delicacy and balance of our premium spices anytime of day or night that you need love in a cup to nourish your body and provide the ultimate peace of mind. 

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