Giving with Both Hands

We wouldn't be in this business if we couldn't give back to the world we love so much. To ensure we give back as much as we can, the Giving with Both Hands initiative was formed. 

Zandi is committed to donating 10% of pre-tax profits to worthwhile partner foundations. 

Each percentage representing a finger on each hand, with the total donated equating to Zandi giving back with both hands. 

Our most recent partnership is with the wonderful CCT. 

CCT are leading the way in international child protection. We run innovative and ground-breaking programs that ensure children are safe in families, and connected to stable and nurturing relationships that are necessary for healthy childhood development.

We work with communities to keep vulnerable families together; reunite institutionalised children with their families; and, provide kinship care and foster families for children in need of alternative care. CCT delivers best-practice programs in Cambodia and specialised programs globally.

They work to ensure the future is a world where all children are safe and healthy in families, where they belong. Find out more about CCT's incredible work by clicking here.