About Zandi Organics

Our story begins with a love of plants and a passion for wellness.  Our wellness lattes are the beautiful pairing of the two.

Zandi Organics was founded for you to discover the new generation of latte beverages, sweeping the wellness world, that are both convenient and great for your health. Latte meaning made on milk - not containing coffee.

Zandi values purity and incorporating ancient ingredient wisdoms into our modern day lifestyles, whilst making being healthy taste great. 

Harnessing the proven health benefits of herbs, spices and superfoods from around the world then incorporating them into your everyday latte as easily as tea or coffee.

The new results you’ll discover are guaranteed to change the way you make everyday latte choices and you will love how easy and safe they are to use.

All of Zandi’s latte powders are vegan friendly, gluten free and with no sugar added. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals, very high in anti-oxidants and include recognised superfoods in every latte.


Zandi stands for Zia and I, as the inspiration for founding the company was Zia, our founder Bel's daughter. The love Bel experienced becoming a mother and realising the capacity of love children bring inspired our founder to seek out her loves in life and ways to increase others capacity for loving. 

Note from our Founder

The winter of 2015 changed my life. I became a mother for the first time and was introduced to my first Turmeric Latte. It was love at first sip. Driven to do nutritionally better for my little girl, I discovered a keen interest in plants and herbs, particularly Turmeric. My interest was driven due to my resolution to break the cycle of Chronic Disease in my family. 

All my life I have suffered from chronic inflammation in my body, which I understand now was due primarily to diet. These high levels have led to arthritis in my hands, hips, back and feet, chronic fatigue, daily pain, muscle cramps and general ongoing discomfort.

I was determined to change the course of my body’s health and to prevent the onset of disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis - which has slowly debilitated my mum and grandma who suffer in great pain daily with this disease. I realised I needed to take better care of myself, my health was my responsibility, however everyday choices didn’t make this easy, I needed a new choice.

I became passionate about living a prevention lifestyle to break the cycle of chronic disease that I could see in my own family but also in the lives of many others.

After not being able to find high quality organic latte choices to support this lifestyle, Zia and I decided to formulate them ourselves. Once we had settled on the latte flavours we liked best, I was driven to share them with others and founded Zandi Organics in early 2018.

My wish is to bring people tasty, nourishing options full of love and ancient wisdoms that are easy to incorporate into their everyday and to be of assistance to those living with Chronic Disease or looking to prevent Chronic Disease.  

I believe your health is your responsibility and self care is important. It is only when we take good care of ourselves that can we do the same for others. 

I believe love and compassion are the fabric of the universe. To me there is nothing more important than for every being to feel loved and humans to understand how to love. We can only love when we are nourished and cared for mind, body and soul.

My promise is that Zandi products will always be there to care for your mind, body and soul and help you do the same for others. 

Sending love through lattes from, 

Zia and I (Zandi) x

Zandi Founder Bel and Zia