100g Beet & Berry Latte Blend
100g Beet & Berry Latte Blend

100g Beet & Berry Latte Blend

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Be the one who shows up full of life with a noticeable bounce in your step with this beetroot latte blend to boost your energy and vitality. 

Why choose this beetroot latte blend?

Invite natural energy and a boost of nutrition into your day whenever you need it.

Our blushing hero ingredient in this latte powder is beetroot. A true superfood beetroot is packed full of vitamins and minerals providing exceptional nutritional value.

It is cleansing to the blood and contains high levels of naturally occurring nitrates that help carry oxygen into your blood and muscles, which has been shown to naturally boost performance.

Complemented by açai, goji and pomegranate superfood berries that are packed full of anti-oxidants and help fight free radicals in the body. 

Find out more on our Health Benefits of Ingredients page. 

Secret Ingredients?

Beetroot powder (50%), coconut milk powder, acai berry powder, goji berry powder, pomegranate powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder.

Ways to enjoy your beet & berry latte.

Delicious dessert lattes, superfood smoothies, beetroot brownies, berry smoothie bowls, berry bliss balls, beet and berry pizza bases! Being our most versatile blend the list of ways to enjoy is quite literally endless!

Anything you may want to add extra nutrition and energy too this is your ‘berry’ best bet.

Tell me about the taste.

It wouldn’t be a beetroot latte mix without it bringing that beety flavour. 

The true surprise is the addition of the berries adds a sweet tartness. With their vivid complementary palettes adding a beautiful sweet layer. 

Expect a bouquet of sweetness, then a sweet tartness from the berries followed by a subtle warming feeling, ending with an earthy lingering beetroot latte flavour.

But then again it's all about your tastebuds, you tell us!

So if you're looking for a beetroot latte blend that boosts your energy & vitality whilst packing a superfood punch to help you live life to the fullest, this is your choice.

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