Top 3 benefits of Matcha Lattes for your Health

If someone had told you back in 2000 that in 2018, health gurus, hipsters, and just generally switched on humans the world over would be knocking back lattes made with a green tea powder as the key ingredient, you probably would’ve laughed into your skim cappucino.

The world is changing, and many are now able to think seriously and freely about our health from a holistic, more natural alternative point of view. Whatever your dietary requirements, there are so many reasons for us to take the time to listen to our bodies, find out what calms us or ails us, and invest in putting the best possible ingredients in our bodies.

Matcha came onto the scene close to a decade ago, arguably first making its impression on modern society with the Matcha Latté, a ‘greener’ and ‘healthier’ version of your morning coffee.

We knew it was here to stay when, an entirely plant based café with an emphasis on - you guessed it - Matcha had everyday cafe goers lined up around the block.

Here's our Top 3 benefits of Matcha Lattes for your Health

  • 1. Slow release Smooth Caffeine Energy  

  • It gives you the caffeine upper without the spiralling downer

  • Green tea powder is naturally caffeinated, yet have you ever heard anyone associate green tea with anything but monk-level zen?

    A matcha latte should provide about half of the caffeine you could expect in a regular espresso, yet the natural amino acids (L-theanine) help to slow the release, improving your alertness while maintaining the body’s natural equilibrium.

    The addition of Tulsi to our blend is for the purpose of enhancing this calm. An adaptogen herb traditionally used to relieve stress and anxiety, while the Matcha creates alertness, the Tulsi works to calm the mind, creating a blend that is designed to optimise clarity.

    2. Natural Antioxidant + Detoxifier

    Even if you eat perfectly (lies!), we can all benefit from a little detoxification, even from the effects of our environments. And while you may feel extra healthy swapping your second coffee for a green tea during the day, the natural antioxidants in matcha positively smash regular green tea out of the park!

    Matcha powder is actually the product of grinding down the whole green tea leaf, rather than simply diffusing leaves in water, so there is a much greater release of antioxidants.

    As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, when combined with a natural source of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals are better digested by the body, so the natural properties of matcha will have a greater effect as a matcha latte with your choice of milk than if you were to drink a straight matcha concentrate with boiling water, as a tea. Convinced yet? 

    3. Pre and Post-Workout Wins

    So, it’s a two part attack here. Consuming a matcha latte pre workout will set you up for increased stamina and energy through your session, thanks to our new friend Tulsi. On the other hand, that Matcha fires up the metabolism and increases it’s ability to burn fat, keeping the engine burning well after you’ve left the pilates studio - not to mention the slow release energy from the matcha that should prevent that post workout couch collapse!

    So there you have it - Matcha satisfies those caffeine cravings but prevents the crash, while paired with adaptogen herb Tulsi offers a zen-like clarity of mind. For the body, Matcha Lattes can be consumed both pre and post exercise, and offer both pre and post workout energy and metabolism aid.

    Finally, if you’re knocking back the occasional evening wine or Sunday fish and chips on the beach, Matcha lattes serves to detoxify and repair the body through providing antioxidants, so you can sleep soundly knowing your little indulgence is not hitting your energy levels quite as hard as it could have!

    Matcha latte has been making waves in circles the world over, and is officially ready for some smooth sailing in your belly - your body and your mind (not to mention your palate!) will thank you.

    Zandi was founded to empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing, with an underlying value of fighting inflammation in your body for optimum health and wellness.

    We believe in food as medicine. 

    We believe enjoying beneficial plants everyday makes healthy, happy, humans that live longer. 

    This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to offer medical advice.  The information above has been paraphrased from peer-reviewed research articles. Please consult a medical professional with any personal health queries.