Benefits of a Beetroot Latte a Day

Vegetables have joined your daily coffee break time as the new surprise power players - meet the beetroot latte! 

In a time where juices and smoothies are regularly as veggie-based as they are fruit-filled, it was only a matter of time before vegetables came to play at latte time.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of a beetroot latte?

While you may have dabbled with the odd golden turmeric latte, or forayed further to try a Matcha latte, the beetroot latte concept may be a little harder to grasp.

Beetroot..? In a latte..? Huh?

Never fear - once you take the plunge, the benefits your body and skin reap will have you exploring all the ways you can incorporate this versatile blend into your routine.

But first – why beetroot in lattes, of all things? Tell me the benefits.

Already a not-so-subtle ingredient for the juicers of the world, the anti-inflammatory benefits of beetroot have been recorded since the Middle Ages, with key benefits including it’s natural liver cleansing properties, improving heart health by oxygenating the blood, relaxing blood vessels and therefore decreasing blood pressure – all of a great benefit to those who may need to rectify a few bad lifestyle or diet habits - I’m sure we can all admit to reaching for a sugary snack when three thirty-itis hits from time to time! Now you can reach for something surprisingly sweet and surprisingly good for you!

Here's an article covering more in depth the scientific benefits of this superfood.

Beetroot Lattes provide vitality!

For those already on the more health-conscious end of the spectrum, the beauty of beetroot is the vitality and vitamin-based energy that will have your skin glowing as the superfood combo finesses your already glowing insides. It’s also a fantastic natural source of folic acid, vital in pregnancy, and a great assistant to stabilise your blood sugar levels throughout the day, preventing an afternoon energy crash with slower-release energy.

So when... and how do we drink beetroot lattes?

Your new pink wonder latte makes a great dessert option after a main meal to aid digestion and comes out as our top pick for beating three-thirty-itis.

Combining beetroot directly with a source of healthy fats (in this case, milk) to make a beetroot latte helps the body to best digest the minerals & vitamins. If you are not partial to a milky consistency, it can also be drunk as a hot tea/tonic on water. As it warms up yes you can make an iced beetroot latte or even a beet & berry mocktail on coconut water!

So wait.. A beetroot latte is not coffee and beetroot blended together?

Nope! We use the term ‘latte’ derived from the Italian for milk because we recommend the beetroot latte berry blend is best served this way – whether it’s coconut milk, oat, almond, or cows milk - the way you might mix and make a hot chocolate.

Berry Berry Versatile - just can't beet it (yes we went there).

The Zandi Organics Beetroot Latte combines the power of this incredible superfood with berries. Meaning that the beauty of the Zandi Organics beetroot latte blend is that it’s versatility takes beetroot beyond the traditional savoury context, even beyond the latte glass - to dessert - think the secret ingredient to make a batch of bright beetroot brownies, an energy booster in your superfood smoothie, or a crafty binding agent in your next berry bliss balls!

In short: A beetroot latte combines concentrated, quality beetroot powder with the antioxidant properties of acai, pomegranate, goji and more in our Beet & Berry blend to deliver the perfect powerful internal supplement for your beauty routine.

Utilise your next time-out or give tomorrow a head start with a beetroot latte to restore a sense of vitality than emanates from within and continues as a glow for all the world to see. 

Zandi was founded to Nourish Every Body. To empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing, with an underlying value of fighting inflammation in your body for optimum health and wellness.

It means the world to us for you to know ways in which you can ease the pains of inflammation in your body. Our founder Bel is passionate about ensuring people who suffer from inflammation or inflammatory diseases have the information they need to make informed decisions particularly when it comes to their nutrition. This way we can all live a better life longer, nourish ourselves and improve our ability to nourish others. 

This article is for informational purposes only, and is not meant to offer medical advice.  The information above has been paraphrased from peer-reviewed research articles. Please consult a medical professional with any personal health queries.